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a new DataBase low-level product,
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Excalibur 3 "take a look at" version
it's (a not yet completed version of) a powerful
DataBase product you should take a look at !!

{it is written using C++ and it is provided
as a set of C++
template classes & methods
but actually you cannot compile it
since it is lacking of only few things,
just take a look to the source code,
maybe I can teach You many things
about C++ and its template classes

the Excalibur 3 template classes and methods
lets you manipulate blocks of data storage.
These data blocks are accessed through user handles
that uniquely identify them.

You may
create user handles to data blocks, resize them,
insert / delete user data from them while resizing,
get their current size, compact, destroy them when
they are no longer needed; procedures & structures are provided
to accomplish these tasks.
You may also read / write user data from / to these data blocks
through user handles using the provided i/o structures & procedures.

Imporant notice:
Before you create / resize / compact / destroy
any data block using its unique handle, You have to provide
first working header access since the working header keeps
vital informations for these operations to work such as
the pointer to the free.list head block,
the address of the first free master.pointer;
working.header access procs are provided to accomplish this task.

Imporant notice:
You may read / write user data from / to data
blocks using the "full" or "range" lock set of functions; this is
because the manager is expecting to work in a multi-user
environment, so locks have to be used.

that 2 files are needed for each managed data storage:
the main data.file & the master.pointers.file (however, this
may be destroyed since it can be rebuilt at any time from the
main data.file); use the "mgr.RebuildMasters()" method to
rebuild the masters file if it was deleted.

See the source code for examples and more details …
download a copy of Excalibur-3 "take a look at" version
download a copy of axdefs {common adrixnt's C/C++ defines}

Adrix.NT's Texts & Not-edited Books
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(I wrote them in italian language)
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