A K F Q u i z

Use on medialab.freaknet.org

You can login in medialab.freaknet.org and enter the command /home/akfquiz/start. This starts scrquiz, the terminal based version of akfquiz. It also works with the guest-account (luther/luther).

You can put your own quizfile into /home/akfquiz/quizfiles/ if you like. Then anybody can use it in the terminal version. This directory is writable for anybody.

Use the CGI variant on medialab

If you have your own account on medialab, you can also use the cgi program to put your own quiz on your website. Put the quizfile into your own public_html directory.

New: Using the keyword "baseURI:" is no longer neccessary on this site. Delete it from your quizfiles when you use it.

If your loginname is for example "rudi", then these quizfiles can be accessed like this http://medialab.freaknet.org/akfquiz/cgiquiz/~rudi/. Of course you have to replace rudi with your own loginname. Don't forget to put a tilde (~) before your loginname and a slash (/) after it.

Of course you can link to a quiz directly. That link then looks like this:
It is by far better if you write your own index file than to use the automatic indexer.

For comments or questions, please write to akfquiz@akfoerster.de.
It would also be nice, if you would send me quizfiles, that I can use...